New overseas kit has been completed!!

This time, a new overseas kit has been completed.
The name is "Urushino ippo KIT"
We started the 『Urushino Ippo 』project in 2016 with the desire to let many people outside the circle of crafts know about urushi(Natural Lacquer).
And in 2022, a new kit was born to spread that feeling overseas. It is produced so that many people can experience the fun and tradition of Japanese manufacturing.

The design concept is "Makunouchi Bento"
Depending on the application, such as wiping urushi or kintsugi, separate boxes are prepared and can be stacked and stored like heavy weights.
You can also make the main body a wooden box and apply the urushi from the kit to create your own box.
The tool box is likened to a lunch box, and the excitement of opening the lunch box is designed to evoke the feeling of excitement.
There are 4 types of kits for 「Fuki」, 「Kintsugi」, 「Nuri」、「Roiro」. (Nuri and Roiro are scheduled to be sold by the end of the year.)

This is basically for overseas, but you can also buy it in Japan, so please make it a gift for those who are interested!

In addition, it is specially placed at the exhibition of the Japanese Culture Grand Prix held on the flight deck of Haneda Airport, so if you are going to Haneda, please check it out!
It will be held from November 5th to 13th.

Everyone who was involved in the production of this time
Thank you again.

Design by Seiki Design Studio
Photo by Tomomi Takano
Translation&Video by Haruhi Mase

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