We have been featured in 『Garland』, an Australian craft culture magazine.

An article written by Sachiko Matsuyama of monomo was written and published in Garland, an Australian craft culture magazine.

Photo by Ryan Jones

She talks about our collaboration with Australian surfboard shaper legend Tom Wegner. The sense of crisis and hope that we have around Urushi, and our past activities and efforts with sympathetic friends such as video producer Shin Aoki.

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■Writer's Profile
Sachiko Matsuyama, Producer and Representative of monomo

Sachiko Matsuyama established monomo in 2014 with the aim of sharing Japan's rich craft culture with the world. She visits artisans throughout Japan who are involved in handicrafts that are connected to nature and rooted in a rich history to discover the stories behind the crafts. In addition to supporting collaborations between traditional Japanese craftspeople and creators from overseas, monomo also organizes educational programs and tours, viewing crafts as a mirror of Japanese society, values, and consciousness.



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