Urushino ippo -Fuki-
Urushino ippo -Fuki-
Urushino ippo -Fuki-

Urushino ippo -Fuki-

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Fuki-urushi, known as wiped-lacquer, is the most straightforward Urushi art technique. Repeatedly rub unrefined lacquer (sap from lacquer trees) into wooden objects such as chopsticks and bowls, then wipe it off to create a lustrous finish.

We offer the "urushi no ippo—Fuki—" kit that allows you to experience wiped-lacquer at home.

This kit assumes overseas sales with all the essential materials and tools.

Complete with our original video commentary with English subtitles that can be accessed with a password. A paulownia box is used to pursue ease of use and design. 

You can complete lacquerware, a traditional Japanese craft, with your own hands at home.

It comes with a photo book introducing the process of making lacquer and various lacquer products.

■The Set Includes:
Jou-Kiurushi 40g× 1 
Waterproof sandpaper # 800 1/16 size× 4 sheets 
 Waterproof paper # 400 1/16 size× 1 sheets 
Wooden spatula(30mm Short) ×1 
Polishing Paper× 5 sheets 
6 pairs of plastic gloves
Wooden Chopsticks × 2 sets 
Photo Book ×1

** ATTENTION: Urushi(Natural Lacquer) may cause a rash depending on your constitution and physical condition. Please wear plastic gloves and long-sleeved clothes to minimize skin exposure. If Urushi gets on your skin, wipe it off with vegetable oil, and wash it with soap. If you rinse with water first, removing it will be more challenging. The rash may not occur immediately but may happen a couple of days later. If the symptom appears, stop working for a while and see a doctor if necessary. Also, please note that we do not take any responsibility even if you get a rash.

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