Urushi no ippo -Nuri-
Urushi no ippo -Nuri-

Urushi no ippo -Nuri-

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A kit allows you to experience Urushi(Natural Lacquer) painting at home has been completed. Experience the luster and deep colors unique to lacquer. You can choose 4 types of Urushi for this kit.

■The Set Includes:
・ Instructions
Jou-Kiurushi 20g 
・ Kurokeshi urushi 20g or Honkuro Urushi 20g or Syuai Urushi 20g or Sukikeshi Urushi  20g
・ Tonoko powder 15g 
 Plastic gloves 2 pairs
・ Wooden spatula 30mm(Short)×2
・ Sandpaper # 240x 2 sheets
・ Water resistant sandpaper # 600 # 1000 1/16 size x 2 sheets  
 Substitute Urushi Brush
・ Grindstorne #800×2
 Tack cloth
・ glass pallet(120×90m)
・ Polish paper×1
・ Koshigami×3
・ Wooden Plate(140×10mm)


** NOTE: Contact with raw lacquer may cause rashes depending on your constitution. Please be sure to read all the instructions before you start, and enjoy wiping lacquer only after understanding it correctly. Please note that we are not responsible for any rashes or adverse effects due to incorrect use.

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